Wednesday, January 28, 2015

GATHER Story Kit from Ali Edwards

I subscribed to Ali Edwards Story Kit 'Gatherings' this month. It's a series she does monthly with lots of great thought provoking prompts and digital elements to add to your collection and help tell your stories in your scrapbooks. There are also physical product options if you are a more traditional (non digital) or hybrid (combination of digital and traditional) scrapbooker.

Each month I'm doing an 8.5x11 spread to touch on the theme, then plan to add each month's theme to my overall approach to our annual album. This allows me to use more of the fun elements in the kit as they pertain to what happens in our lives as the year goes on.

The approach to my Project Life format album this year is more monthly in nature than weekly. I'm also taking themes of my word of the year, (Balance) and the Story Kit themes and carrying them through as jumping off points to storytelling.

Shown here is my page 2 of the spread. Part of the exercise today was seeing what in my life is gathered...people, things, etc. As I looked around I confirmed what I always knew about myself: I categorize and gather like items together. Frequently. Obsessively at times.

This memory keeping, scrapbooking, writing, storytelling thing is a big part of my routine. It's pretty important to me and I think my family enjoys the end result. It also takes a lot of gathering of...stuff...thankfully I've got a bigger hard drive than I do physical space to collect the fun things that give me inspiration.

Check out the links for ways to put together the stories and photos.

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