Friday, October 10, 2014

Daughter is 14....and likes owls.

This week I brought all my fun creative things upstairs from the basement to the den right off the family room. In the process I found a lot of unused things from The Stamps of Life. My daughter loves owls right now, and her birthday is tomorrow, so it was logical to come up with something in her favorite colors of pink and green. The set is called Owls2Love, it's from a couple years ago. She loved it! I know it's typical to be specific as to what was used in these things, but I have so much stuff that I am trying to use through, I have no idea where most of my things came from. I'll do my best to describe. 


  1. Not everyone cares where it all came from and you're right. You are using stuff you've had for a long time. That's kind of why I quit even posting to Splitcoast. I pulled stuff from everywhere and I don't remember where it all came from.

  2. True about Splitcoast. It's not like the 'old days'. So much stuff going through there. I don't plan to post everything there because of all the attributing to inspiration, the endless supply list needs, etc. Probably just the challenges here and there. That being said, now you'll notice there's actually very little information on a lot of the gallery posts. Refers to blogs and websites now for a lot of the detail. It isn't a business for me. It's just fun. So I don't care about traffic....